Building Bridges: The Power of Authentic Community Engagement for Business Growth

In today’s competitive markets, the symbiosis between your business and its geographical and cultural community is essential for economic prosperity. Genuine engagement with the community is a cornerstone of this relationship, fostering a loyal customer base, enhancing reputation, and opening doors to invaluable local partnerships and networks. My journey of growing a community-based business, which includes more than 400 daily retail visitors, underscores the undeniable power of authentic community interaction.

Cutting-Edge Weed Innovation: Introducing a Market-Dominating Product

Some of the best cannabis innovations happen outside the regulated market. While legalization is creating new jobs, contributing to economic growth, and legitimizing the myriad benefits of marijuana, this means businesses that enter the regulated market must prove their concepts over and over, and often, to new customer audiences. Businesses introduce new products to solve […]

Revolutionizing Weed Culture: Unveiling Innovative Product Development

Sheldon Straker - "Looking forward to getting busy bottling the next batch"

In a world where plenty of dispensaries look like the Apple Store — polished but blandly sanitary — Major Bloom places a refined focus on serving the traditional weed-smoker. This effort feels surprisingly unique in the current industry and resulted in Major Bloom’s production of more than 400 finished goods last year.  Surely this includes […]

Major Bloom and its Cannabis Outreach Plan

Our Outreach Plan Recreational Cannabis Dispensary in , Surveying and Interviewing Marginalized Communities | Positive Impact Plan Proposal for Selected Partners January 2021 By: Ulysses Youngblood, MBA The purpose of this document is to guide the outreach efforts which involve communities economically impacted by prohibition. The steps include intentionally targeting marginalized (adults 21+) low-income neighborhoods […]

Son of a Bitch


The NFL has 32 teams and approx. 1,700 players. Nearly 75% of NFL players are Black/African-American. The minimum full year, base salary is over $400,000 while most veterans, starters, and franchise players make much more…

If Brady Kneeled

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. As a player, his individual stats and team achievements have placed him in talks of the best football player ever! Watching his career and journey in the NFL is impressive. He was barely drafted and only got the opportunity to become a starter when Drew Bledsoe went […]

Because They Believe

because they believe

Growing up in a religious household, I’ve watched my father ascend from the congregation to decon, a pastor, and now a bishop. The power of belief is undeniable, and even just sharing this business story is a miracle. As an entrepreneur, you solve problems because you believe people (customers, community, your family & friends) will live a better life…