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Restrictions on edibles

Restriction on Edibles? Ok

Have you ever had a marijuana-infused edible or capsule and hours later you forgot about eating it until it hits you? Or maybe that oral treat hit you too hard. It’s happened to me! I’ve been in a position where all of a sudden, the world unexpectedly changed! Edibles are tasty but usually sneaky…

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Multi Level Marketing Weed

Multi-Level-Marketing & Weed

Marijuana is a consumer product, is it worth being a distributor for a marijuana MLM company? It depends, I want to say no, but I’ll say it’s not for me. Everyone loves a success story…

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Son of a Bitch

The NFL has 32 teams and approx. 1,700 players. Nearly 75% of NFL players are Black/African-American. The minimum full year, base salary is over $400,000 while most veterans, starters, and franchise players make much more…

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