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Recreational Cannabis Dispensary in Worcester, MA

Surveying and Interviewing Marginalized Communities | Positive Impact Plan Proposal for Selected Partners

January 2021

The purpose of this document is to guide the outreach efforts which involve communities economically impacted by prohibition. The steps include intentionally targeting marginalized (adults 21+) low-income neighborhoods where marijuana arrests have been historically prevalent. The plan consists of four primary components;

  1. Traditional Reach (canvassing and print)
  2. Data collection (surveys & in-person interviews)
  3. Data analysis (decision making)
  4. Events (certificate, classes, etc.)

This proposed plan is primarily created for Major Bloom’s community partners and the neighborhood in which the business is licensed for retail, manufacturing, and delivery operations. Although this model has the potential to be executed in many other marginalized communities with high arrest rates across the nation, its full intention is to start local and is prepared with its local community in mind.

Executive Summary: Major Bloom has an Economic Empowerment Certificate as a marijuana establishment, providing an opportunity to help local communities impacted by social issues involving disproportionate arrests. Through workshops, courses, and events, Major Bloom curates the information which aids the reverse of social stigmas around cannabis while also providing economic opportunities for its target (adults 21+) audience.

To gain valuable information about their target needs and requirements, Major Bloom is planning to interview & survey the community members within disproportionate impact areas. The company’s unique location introduces frontline connections to the community based on the Cannabis Control Commission’s tracts as undeserved impact areas. 


TRACT INFORMATION: Designated Worcester Census Tracts Full Census Tract Name: Worcester County 730200, 730500, 731002, 731203, 731204, 731400, 731500, 731700, 731800, 732302, 732400, 732700, 733000

Objective: The desired outcome is to reverse the harms of prohibition in disproportionately impacted communities by promoting participation within the industry and other economic opportunities. We will achieve these goals through a series of surveys & interviews conducted directly within these neighborhoods. Through analysis, we are holding ourselves accountable by quantifying the data to make decisions around hosting professional and personal development events, courses, and classes.

Stakeholders: Members of government, non-profit, for-profit businesses, and educational institutions that share the common goal of introducing personal development and economic opportunities to the local underserved communities.

Stakeholders, Partners, and Organizations

City of Worcester

Dr. Sarai Rivera – District 4 Councilor

Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce

Alex Guardiola – Director of Government Affairs 

Worcester County NAACP

Fred Taylor – Vice President

Local Community Officer

Officer Sean Lovely

Clark University, School of Professional Studies

Mary Piecewicz – Associate Dean

Clark University, School of Management

Lawrence Norman – Marketing Professor

Curaleaf, Holdings

VP of Corporate Responsibility 

Yale School of Medicine

Navin Kumar – Ph.D. candidate Sociology 

Gibby’s Garden 

Kimberly Gibson – Co-Founder

CasLu Culture Consultants

Coralie Casimir – Co-Founder

MCR Labs

Jennifer Roy – Marketing Manager

Humboldt Masters (Fathom)

Andrew Kazaoff – CEO

Local Business Partnership – In preparation for the resident surveys & interviews, we will continue approaching local business owners to gauge their level of interest and involvement. Their involvement includes advertising space on the direct mail drops, in-store printed material leading their customers to the survey.

Direct Mail DropsWith targeted mail drops through the USPS, QR Codes & Mobile SMS Text Marketing; each drop will lead residents directly to an online survey. The drops play three primary roles; 1. Directed to surveys 2. Creates Awareness 3. Advertise local businesses

Recruiting and Training Surveyors – The surveyor’s role is designed around optimizing communications with residents based on traditional at-home availability. The ideal candidates have customer service and communication skills. The surveyors are responsible for going door-to-door, collecting as many surveys as possible.

Paid MediaWith a focus on survey data, Clark University and other non-profit stakeholders, as well as hands-on training and education. Run ads deliberately avoiding cannabis company branding through press releases, and other media outlets such as Masslive and Telegram.

Data-DrivenUsing the interview & survey data, create specific events & training to promote full participation within the industry, and foster economic and educational opportunities for residents in the neighborhood. The most important aspect is to engage with the target audience to make decisions on events, training, educational and economic opportunities.

Data Collection (subject to change):

Phase 1 – Demographics











Phase 2 – Experience

Have you or a family member interacted with Law Enforcement? 0 -10 – rate your interaction – ten most pleasant. In which capacity? 

  • Family in Law Enforcement
  • Stop and Frisk
  • Arrested 
  • Vehicular Stop
  • Call for help
  • Other 

Have you or a family member been arrested for marijuana?

  • Yes – Family
  • Yes – Myself
  • No.

Have you heard of any potential medicinal benefits of marijuana?

  • Yes
  • No

Do you know the history of marijuana prohibition in America?

  • Yes
  • No

Have you considered a career in legal marijuana?

  • Yes – Cultivation Function
  • Yes – Processing Function
  • Yes – Retail Function
  • Yes – Delivery Function 
  • Yes- Marketing Function
  • No.

What is most important for a legal cannabis company coming into your neighborhood? (rank)

  • Non-Profit Donations 
  • Marijuana Education
  • Community Clean Up
  • Educational Events
  • Other Considerations

Major Bloom is hosting professional and personal development events/seminars. What topics do you believe they should cover?

  • Career Development
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Creative Expression
  • Other Considerations

Results: There are approx—twenty thousand residents over the age of 21 in the tracts listed below. The state’s Guidance for Areas of Disproportionate Impactour goal is to collect 400 surveys per session. With the 400 surveys, we can make a firm decision on the events we’d host throughout the year. Additionally, the surveys will create an employment pipeline alongside economic and educational opportunities.

  • Worcester Census Tracts 73; 17, 2230; 2320; 2400; 2500; 2600; 2700
    • Total Population: 26,500
    • Population 21+: 20,000

Additionally, we’d like to have a pipeline of residents interested in our business certificate program, which will be hosted four times a year for 5 participants at a time.

  • Survey Goal: 800 completed surveys a year
  • Interview Goal: 30 completed one on one per year
  • Number of Surveyors: 4 Major Bloom Employees
  • Shifts: Thursday, Friday, Saturday – 2 pm to 6 pm
  • At least 12 complete surveys a shift

Budget Detail

Per Session (subject to change)

Compensation + Bonus


Hawkers Licenses


Mobile Stipend


Uniforms (vest, ID, sneakers)


Local Business Partnership


Print & Digital Content


Direct Mail Drops


Event Budget


Admin Support





Proposed Schedule (subject to change)


Local Business Partners


Digital and Print Design


Hiring & Training Surveyors


Paid Media | Mail Drop


Start Door Knocking 


Mail Drop | Door Knocking cont


Paid Media | Door Knocking cont


Mail Drop | Door Knocking cont


Door Knocking cont


Mail Drop | Door Knocking cont


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