Major Bloom IMPACT

Learn How Major Bloom Supports local entrepreneurs

Major Bloom understands and appreciates the magnitude and privilege of being able to legally participate in the cannabis industry.

We think that it is incumbent upon businesses operating in the cannabis industry to serve the communities that have been impacted by the unjust war on drugs. The history of prohibition and the corresponding war on drugs have devastated communities throughout this country. We offer meaningful ways for you to give back and make a difference with your Major Bloom purchase through our programs.




We provide professional mentoring to Massachusetts residents and families with past drug convictions through employment Search Assistance Workshops.



Our goal is to obtain at least 80% of our own workforce from disenfranchised communities. We are a growing company and looking for new team members to join us.  




We teach entrepreneurs how to structure and develop their business models and strategies. Experts are present to help entrepreneurs navigate the various stages of building a business. 

Sheldon Straker - "Looking forward to getting busy bottling the next batch"


We are always looking for new candidates to join our growing team. If you are interested in working with us hit the link below.