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Major Bloom Announces the Launch of a Special Cross Joint Product Line Featuring the Iced Lemonade Strain

Major Bloom Announces the Launch of a Special Cross Joint Product Line Featuring the Iced Lemonade Strain

WORCESTER, MA—Major Bloom, a leading name in the cannabis industry, is excited to announce the release of its innovative Cross Joint, blending tradition with modern craftsmanship. This unique product will be available starting March 29th at our Retail store, 76 Millbury Street, Worcester, MA 01610.

The Cross Joint by Major Bloom is a nod to the intricate art of cannabis consumption. Designed as two intersecting joints, this product offers a distinctive smoking experience, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy multiple burn points simultaneously. This design not only pays homage to the rich history of cannabis culture but also showcases the craftsmanship and skill involved in creating such a piece.


In honor of cannabis culture and alignment with the spirit of faith and renewal, Major Bloom has released this product as Easter approaches. The Cross Joint symbolizes a connection between tradition and contemporary appreciation, embodying the spirit of innovation and respect for the past.


The featured strain for this product is Iced Lemonade, a refreshing and potent Sativa/Hybrid resulting from a cross between Lemon Haze and Afghani strains. Known for its thin orange hairs and a delightful citrus aroma, Iced Lemonade provides a euphoric and relaxing experience, perfect for connoisseurs looking for flavor and impact.


Major Bloom stands at the forefront of the industry, leveraging a deep understanding of the supply chain, compliance, and creative opportunities in cannabis product manufacturing. Our keen interest in pre-rolls has driven us to create custom-labeled products that resonate with new and legacy users, emphasizing our commitment to quality and innovation. By addressing the market needs with a passion for cannabis culture, Major Bloom continues to lead and inspire in the ever-evolving cannabis landscape.


Join us on March 29th at our Worcester location to experience the Cross Joint and celebrate the confluence of cannabis culture and craftsmanship. Major Bloom is proud to offer this unique product as a testament to our dedication to excellence and the rich heritage of cannabis enjoyment.


For more information, please visit Major Bloom at 76 Millbury Street, Worcester, MA 01610, or contact us through our official communication channels.


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